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TruckerCare Safety Protects Your Ratings & More

TruckerCare is designed to help carriers manage FMCSA regulated compliance initiatives that we all must follow.  

Too many violations will lead to high CSA scores. That leads to increased insurance premiums, missed opportunities for freight, and can invite a DOT audit. Poor safety performers will find it hard to stay in business.

TruckerCare helps prevent violations and lower scores through the following services:




TruckerCare helps you remain safer and compliant.




































Driver Training

Drivers are issued violations every day. How do you, as a motor carrier, respond?

Driver training is a good start.

In addition to corrective action training for drivers, new drivers should receive training and every driver should receive periodic training throughout the year.

Monthly BASICs

Score Reporting

CSA scores are calculated with roadside inspection and crash report data from the Safety Measurement System (SMS) from the last 24 months.


SMS data is organized into seven Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs), which include categories like unsafe driving, vehicle maintenance, and driver fitness.

Citation Defense

More often than not, violations written on the roadside do not require that the driver appear in court or plead guilty and pay a fine.


At times though your driver will be issued a citation. When that occurs, it may be best for the driver to be represented by an attorney.

TruckerCare will connect your driver with an attorney that specializes in representing commercial drivers.

Driver Training



The FMCSA established the Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. This database contains information pertaining to violations of the U.S. Department of Transportation controlled substances and alcohol testing program for holders of CDLs. 

Driver Qualification File Management

A Driver Qualification File is a collection of documents that shows the driver is “qualified” to operate a commercial motor vehicle. 


Putting together a complete Driver Qualification file involves collecting and maintaining the right paperwork and documentation. 

MVR Services

As a motor carrier, running MVR’s on drivers comes wit the territory. New drivers and annual checks on all drivers are required.


TruckerCare will pull MVR’s on your behalf (state fees apply). It’s another service provided to you to help lighten your load.

Policies & Procedures

It is important that carriers have written policies and procedures in place. These policies show and commitment to safety and compliance. It is equally important that drivers have reviewed and signed off of these policies.


Written policies when properly followed are viewed favorably by DOT Officers & Insurance Underwriters. TruckerCare will help you develop and customize these policies and follow them as you operate.

Diesel Fuel


TruckerCare Members Now Qualify For Significant Diesel Discounts!

We’re excited to present you this remarkable fuel platform designed to save you money and save you time!! 

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  • Free mobile app

  • And more!m! 

Qual Files
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